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Jack Bauer 24: No, I just like the phrase :) Feb 23, 2016 1:15:23 GMT
Nymeria Warrior Queen: Dayum, 61 guests? Feb 23, 2016 23:13:33 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: Yeah I wish some of them would register :D Feb 23, 2016 23:14:33 GMT
Nymeria Warrior Queen: Hahaha...yeah, although I'm guessing a few of them are just, uh, monitoring your activity. *rolling eyes* Feb 23, 2016 23:16:21 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: Yep lol. Feb 23, 2016 23:18:05 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: I've been advertising on WiC. The mods over there have been cool with me promoting. Feb 23, 2016 23:18:58 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: I tried advertising at Previously.TV but they banned me after 1 post lol. Strict rules against advertising over there. Feb 23, 2016 23:19:52 GMT
Nymeria Warrior Queen: I don't like WiC, but it's cool they're letting you do that. Feb 23, 2016 23:24:33 GMT
Nymeria Warrior Queen: Had to make this a closed forum, huh? Too many lurkers? Feb 28, 2016 2:33:19 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: Yeah too many lurkers. It was obvious who some of them were. Soon as I closed it I started getting registration applications. Feb 28, 2016 15:29:49 GMT
Nymeria Warrior Queen: Funny how that works. The thing is, if any of those people are registering to "monitor" what goes on here, by virtue of registering, they're revealing themselves pretty clearly. Oops...hahaha. Feb 28, 2016 17:43:17 GMT
DragonFire: Anyone here? Apr 24, 2016 4:28:24 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: I'm here! Welcome DragonFire :) Apr 24, 2016 5:11:22 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: Hey Nym, good too see ya! Yeah it's an unfortunate situation and I wish she'd just go away. Apr 30, 2016 3:28:28 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: Oops looks like I deleted your shoutbox post on accident. Apr 30, 2016 3:28:56 GMT
DragonFire: What do you mean she? Is there any other users here? Apr 30, 2016 21:29:57 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: Yeah there are other users. The person I was referring to is someone from another site. She's not here. It's a long story lol May 1, 2016 0:05:50 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: If you can recruit anybody or spread the word that'd be great :) May 1, 2016 0:06:22 GMT
Nymeria Warrior Queen: Hahaha...I know the were just flexing your admin. muscles. ;) May 1, 2016 1:08:54 GMT
Jack Bauer 24: Hello? Jul 31, 2016 18:53:25 GMT
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